Welcome to the Image Management Core

We are a service of HMS Research IT Solutions to help Harvard Medical School On-Quad researchers manage microscope image data and metadata. The IMC was created in response to the growing complexity and difficulty of managing research image data. The first major offering of the IMC will be a shared installation of the OMERO image management platform.

If you already have an OMERO account, you can simply sign in

If you would like an HMS OMERO account please fill out this HMS OMERO Account Request Form

Download and install OMERO.insight, which is necessary to import data into OMERO. 

Import data into OMERO. Guides for using OMERO.insight are maintained on the openmicroscopy.org website. Go to Adding image data for instruction on how to import data into OMERO. 

More information on getting started is in the FAQ.

OMERO Simplifies The Challenge of Managing Research Images

Microscope images play a central role in biological research. Yet because modern digital microscopes and imaging systems generate large numbers of image and metadata files in multiple formats managing, analyzing, and sharing these datasets is challenging. OMERO simplifies many of these tasks while keeping your original data files safe and unchanged. OMERO makes it possible to view your images through a standard web browser no matter what the original file format was. Sharing images with colleagues is as simple as pasting a web link into an email. You can also easily link your images to records in an electronic lab notebook. 


The HMS OMERO server has been upgraded to version This upgrade includes several important improvements and bug fixes. It also brings our OMERO up to the same version offered by the open source OME project. One fix…

HMS IT Endpoint Services Program offers a service for automatically installing software. OMERO.insight is available through this service.

For Mac OS X computers:

We have installed the new OMERO.iviewer on HMS OMERO. This is the "next generation" full image viewer being developed by the OME team. Making use of the OpenLayers web-based technology, OMERO.iviewer gives you all the…